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Tyler Ferrari's Site

Creating a Simple and Modular Website

To create and update this website I use Grav. This is a lightweight content management system which allows me to use one template for all of my pages without needing to rewrite them. I am able to write the pages in markdown, an easy language for creating formatted text. Grav automatically converts the markdown to html, and places it into my custom template/theme.

This is what the homepage of my website looks like in markdown:

### Pages


### Links

- [View my work on GitHub](
- [NPE Hero (Computer game)](
- [HackedLecterns Minecraft Server](

### Socials

- Email: [](
- Discord: [@sowgro](
- Spotify: [sowgro](
- Reddit: [u/sowgro](
- Instagram: [@sowgro](
- My cat's instagram: [@pico_de_gato_0](

As part of my theme, PAGELIST is automatically populated based on the pages I have created.